Saturday, December 8, 2012

SANTA IS TURNING VEGAN! Holiday Treats Part 1

Santa is turning vegan! As the holidays get closer and closer, we anticipate spending plenty of quality time with family and friends! What better way to enjoy the holidays together than with a delicious, vegan box of gingerbread men!

MI-DEL released a limited edition box of gingerbread men that is absolutely amazing! It has a strong taste and is satisfyingly chewy. The aftertaste is addictive as it will leave you needing more! I ended up eating the whole box by accident. I really tried to stop!

Ultimately, they are an excellent foundation to decorating and incorporating them into other holiday treats! From adding icing to placing them onto cakes, they are perfect for just about anyone! If you were to make a gingerbread house, these pre-shaped little guys are a great compliment to the design!

I am still on the hunt to try other brands out there, but these are a great alternative for a holiday in a box!

Have you ever tried MI-DEL Gingerbread Men? Know of any other brands? Let us know in the comments below!


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